Piglets Expected!

Photo Credit: Sarah Stokes

Porkchop is in season and Hamster knows it!

If everything goes as planned we will have piglets in about 116 days! I use the "Three three's" to remember gestation length. Three months, three weeks and three days until piglets. 

Piglets expected January 31st, 2018!

The average KuneKune litter is 6-8 piglets. Since this is Porkchop's first litter, it may be larger. She is just over a year old (almost 13 months to be exact). We had been using a technique called flushing in which we increased her food intake about 2 weeks before anticipated mating to increase her litter size. 

We've got to build her a farrowing paddock within the cedar barn we are building. We'll be transferring her to this paddock 1 week before the piglets are expected so she can begin to nest and get comfortable. January is still cold here in Missouri so we will also have a heat lamp to help keep the piglets warm. We plan on using solar panels to power the barn, another neat project to keep an eye on here at Heavenly Harvest!

I'll end this post with the cutest KuneKune video ever. Porkchop and Hamster doing tricks for a banana peel.

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