Materials: Cedar Outbuildings

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Operation Cedar outbuildings has begun!

We need a lofting shed by winter and we spent the entire summer trying to find a contractor who wouldn't charge us more than the material cost to build it.

Originally we were going to go with a fancy red metal barn from Menards with all the works, after having a contractor flake on us at the last minute we took a moment to reflect. Why was this aspect of the project so difficult? Maybe it was the wrong path. We decided to get back to our homesteading roots by going with locally resourced red cedar for materials.We also decided we only needed a lofting shed and a few outbuildings. Moving forward we are going to build the outbuildings ourselves. 

We found a local gentleman up in DeSoto, MO which is about an hour from us in Fredericktown, MO who had went in and bought a sawmill with a few of his friends and was trying to make a living through that avenue. 

To give you a cost comparison.

The metal barn from Menards with a contractor installing it was going to be about $25,000.

The cost of the cedar is about $4,000. My husband would also gain the invaluable experience that comes along with building a project and the priceless feeling of pride once it was completed.

Overall, I'm so happy we've taken a shift from our original idea. It feels great to be supporting Mr. Sawmills lifestyle adventure as he supports ours. Families supporting other Families. The cedar has a beautiful smell as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing the project develop. Keep checking back for more Cedar outbuilding updates!

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