Cedar Hay Feeder

Winter out here has really put a damper on all the farm projects we were trying to accomplish by the Spring. We finally had a bit of a warm spell and were brainstorming which project could be completed before the freezing temperatures set in again. 

One item on our list was to build a new Hay Feeder for the cows to help reduce waste. We had previously been using a makeshift dog run with a tarp over it to keep our round bales in. We quickly discovered this temporary solution needed to be even more temporary than we originally calculated. The cows decided they enjoyed bedding (and compiling their excrement) in this setup. This ended up with a lot of hay being wasted. 

We really weren't fans of the metal round ring feeders that are most common so we searched up some alternatives. One of them was a wooden structure that would raise the round bale off the ground and allow the cows to eat off of it without allowing them to bed in the hay. The project took an afternoon to finish because we had that local cedar waiting to be used on projects already. We are just waiting on the roofing material to be delivered so we can add the roof on.

The new Hay Feeder we built from cedar. Just waiting on the roofing material and then it will be complete

I'm really happy with the finished product. The door swings open and closed so you can easily place another bale in once they've eaten it down far enough. 

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