Buttercups (Butters) the Boerboel!

We've officially picked out our Boerboel puppy, Buttercups! I know I'm going to end up calling her Butters!

We had the first pick of 5 females. Out of all the females she was the heaviest and appeared to have the best bone structure. We really tried to use the SABBS breed standard when picking her out. I'm biased toward the red Boerboels and she just happened to also be the reddest of the puppies. I checked my decision with several people to make sure that bias wasn't getting the best of me. 

We're members of a fantastic Facebook group called Boerboel Owners that I highly recommend to any enthusiast of the breed. The diverse community is positive, full of knowledge and ready to help!

Looking forward to making more updates about this little beauty as we move forward!

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