Glass Gem "Rainbow" Corn

Glass Gem Corn cultivated by Carl "White Eagle" Barnes.

Glass Gem "Rainbow" Corn is a Native American heirloom flint corn which means this is more of a popcorn, although I would really say the primary use of this corn is decorative. It makes for excellent cornbread and will give a unique purple color when ground. I'm selecting my seeds for vibrance and hope to isolate kernels by color to continue to privately develop this strain.

Although I don't know exactly when Carl "White Eagle" Barnes first started to cultivated Glass Gem Corn, it was most certainly before 1994. I first heard about the strain almost a decade later in 2012. Barnes passed in 2016, but before he did he gave some seeds from this magnificent strain to, Greg Schoen, who then continued to develop the strain before sharing it with the world.

Mr. Barnes left behind an incredible legacy and is noted for his dedication to corn recovery and development. He is even credited for saving and reuniting many Native tribes with heritage corn seeds belonging to their culture and history.

This beautiful tribute has more information on Carl "White Eagle" Barnes with a SoundCloud history lesson on Glass Gem "Rainbow" corn by Greg Schoen.

Seeds from Glass Gem "Rainbow" Corn.

"The seed remembers."

I purchased my original seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Baker Creek is passionate about offering heirloom seeds and they have many uncommon seed varieties. They are out of Mansfield, Missouri. I first purchased from them when we lived out in the wilds of NorCal. Now that we live in Missouri we will be able to go to their yearly festivals.

If this is a seed variety you are also planting, let's swap genetics!

“I stand in a radiant Glory. My roots in the heart of Mother Earth. My crown in the clouds of Father Sky. The Four Winds encircle me in spirals of Love. One going up, then down, One going down, then up. They meet in the Center of Complete Perfection-- The Human Stalk of Corn.” -Carl "White Eagle" Barnes

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