Graham Cracker the Sub Zero Bull Calf

My morning routine is to get up around 5-6am and get the farm fed/watered, breakfast for the twins made and fed before popping into work at 8am. On this particular morning (New Years Day) I decided that since I was off of work and didn't need to get everything done by that 8am mark to make it into my office, I would take my time and sit and have coffee/check my Emails before hopping into the usual routine.

Of course this would be the day that Puddin' had her surprise calf! I ended up peaking into their stalls at around 8:30am and saw Puddin' with some discharge. Thinking she was about to have the calf I called my husband and peaked in closer to see the calf was on the ground already.

Graham Cracker was born New Years Day 2018.

The thermostat said -1 degrees, and I knew even being sheltered in their box stalls probably wasn't enough to keep that wet calf warm. We warmed this little guy up in the kitchen before releasing him back to Puddin'.

A quick measurement showed little Graham Cracker at almost 21 inches and 30 pounds.

This was Puddin's first calf, and as you may have read in this post it was a surprise pregnancy. At first she raised her leg whenever he tried to nurse but through some positive reassurance that was put behind her pretty quickly. One week in and he is now a bouncing little calf. We are still keeping them in the stall because he is just so tiny, but we have plans to let them roam here in a week or two.

This little guy will be for sale.

Contact if interested.

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