Shocking Pregnancy Announcement

You'll have read in my previous post that we were very excited to add the genetics of a mini bull into our program, had purchased straws and started an estrus synchronization program with our girls.

After going through the process, our Vet went to AI the girls and found that 15 month old Puddin was actually about to have a calf!!

Unbeknownst to us, Puddin was pregnant in this photo!

I could not believe it. I spent most of the day yesterday in disbelief. I had commented many times how she looked like she was pregnant, but we purchased her at 9 months and we don't have any bulls so the idea that she could actually be pregnant didn't even occur.

I contacted the sweet lady down in Alabama who sold her to us. She was just as shocked. She had put Puddin in pasture with a mini bull when she was about 4 months old in order to wean her from her mother. That must have been when she was bred.

The good news is that the vet said this isn't unheard of, and that Puddin and calf should be okay. Thankfully as a mini, she was bred to a mini so calf size shouldn't be a problem. She also shouldn't be negatively affected by the estrus synchronization treatments.

This is the mystery mini bull. Hunting Creek Farm Bronson (MJHB0622) is A1/A1, homozygous polled, 36" at 13 months and tested negative negative non-carrier for BD1. He has had current disease testing and is negative for BVD, BLV and Johne's as well, phew!

The bad (not really that bad) news is that the bull is A1/A1, so this calf doesn't really fit into our program. If it's a bull calf then it REALLY doesn't fit into our program as the calf will be an A1/A2 (Heather Fabrizio, thank you!). If it's a heifer calf (fingers crossed, right?!) we may keep her in our program because she will be homozygous polled. The plan from there would be to breed her to an A2/A2 mini bull in hopes of adding a small A2/A2 homozygous polled calf to our program (this is our Holy Grail!).

We will be watching her vigilantly for the rest of the month as the vet said she should be calving here within the next few weeks.

Merry Christmas to us!

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