Beef Share Success with Walker Meat Processing

We currently have one Angus steer we are growing on organic grass for butchering next year. We came to the conclusion that we needed to buy another steer that was already ready for processing to stock up on meat in the meantime.

We knew we wanted to partner locally. We found it extremely difficult to find animals from locals who were keeping grass fed only cattle. Most were grain finished with GMO-grain.

Fortunately, after some serious searching we found a small father/son operation that kept strictly grass fed only (no GMO grain finishing etc) cattle on their acreage as more of a hobby. We bought an Angus steer from them and took him straight to Walker Meat Processing in Farmington, Missouri.

We had put feelers out to our friends to see if anyone wanted to go in on the steer with us since we only wanted to keep about 1/4th-1/2 of the steer. The interest was overwhelming! Justin Walker worked with us to clearly divide the processed steer into fourths as to share out the beef easier.

We were able to pick up and deliver the meat to three of our friends and their families in the St. Louis area. I sure do hope they are enjoying this local grass fed beef as much as we are! Pictured below is the 1/4th of the cow we kept for Heavenly Harvest to use throughout the next 6 months. We are looking into partnering with that father/son and their cattle in the future as well.

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