Herd screened for Johne's, BVD, BLV, TB and Brucellosis.
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A2/A2 Miniature Jerseys

Puddin x Just My Luck calf expected in 2019.


WJF Puddin' MJHB0650

FOR SALE: $5,500

Bred to "Just My Luck" MJHB0023/AMJA938 



Beta Casein: A2/A2

Size: Miniature 42" @ hip

Born: 11-10-16

Sire: Buddy of Southern Touch Farm MJHB0077

Dam: Matinee Galena



Just My Luck

Frozen Semen Available

Just My Luck_edited.jpg

Bull Name: Just My Luck 

Beta Casein:  A2/A2
Registration status:  Miniature Jersey Registered with AMJA, IMCBR & MJHB
Height: 36" at 3 Years
DNA Tested: on file with UC Davis
Horns:  Heterogeneous Polled          
Negative for Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

Dam Teat Length: Long

Dam Udder Attachment: High

Dam Height: 39" Tall

Sire Height: 38" Tall